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  • You think it's stone?
    You almost guessed. Soft stones made of genuine New Zealand wool - a great solution to emphasize the environmental friendliness of your interior.
    Egg chair of concrete shell reminiscent of recently hatched dinosaur. And if it has already proved to be in your home, there is nothing to prevent you from using it for their own purposes, and nestled in the arms of soft pillows with a favorite book.

UA Concept - a series of talented MADE IN UKRAINE

Design MADE IN UKRAINE - is undoubtedly accomplished fact. Who we are

Sofas and armchairs Comfortable, unusual, soft for you!

Chairs and stools Without them, well, nowhere :)

Tables ... and twice as delicious food and fun at work

Storage systems Protect should be elegant and tasteful!

Bedrooms A good start and a great end of a hard day

Accessories Small details, you can't imagine your interior without

Lighting A small detail, that is able to illuminate all the dark corners

Outdoor Interesting things for your yards and patios

For kids Design interior things for children. Great to be understood since childhood! :)

Art and decoration Strange, but very beautiful stuff


Only a unique collections of furniture

About us

MADE IN UKRAINE Design - is without a doubt a fait accompli. Our designers actively participate in international competitions and exhibitions, worthy of representing our country, getting the top places in the interior and in the field of product design.

Our production has reached a high level of technology and reliability and could compete with European quality in the manufacture of furniture and interior items.

But the question of effective cooperation of designers and manufacturers is still open.


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